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What is The Wiener Ball?

The Wiener Ball is a Viennese debutant ball. The ball is opened by an opening dance done by debutants in pairs.

 How can I visit the ball?

Anyone is welcome to visit The Wiener Ball if they have a valid entry ticket. You can purchase entry tickets on the website.

 What types of entry tickets are there?

There are free entry tickets (without reserved seating) and entry tickets with seating booths next to the dance floor. During the ball, there will be opportunities to settle down for a conversation or to rest your feet after a waltz. However, the seating booths guarantee you reserved seating and a good view of the dance floor for the entire ball.

Booth tickets are optional, and can be added to general tickets after purchase.

How many persons does a booth seat?

A booth seats 10 persons.

Can I book an arrangement for a group?

Yes, this is possible. We offer arrangements for groups from 10 persons. We offer the Strauss Arrangement for groups of 10 persons. This arrangement allows the group access to the VIP aperitif, a three-course dinner prior to the event (including wine, water and coffee), and a booth for 10 persons next to the dance floor.

Which dinners am I able to book prior to the event.

It is possible to reserve the following dinners:

  • Old debutants dinner – Salzburg hall – €45,- per person including a three course dinner excluding drinks.
  • Parents of debutants dinner – €87,50 per person including a three course dinner, water, matching wine arrangement, coffee and tea.
  • Wiener Ball dinner – Villach hall – €87,50 per person including a three course dinner, water, matching wine arrangement, coffee and tea.
  • Wiener Ball Michelin star dinner – Restaurant Latour – €129,50 per person including a three course dinner, water, matching wine arrangement, coffee and tea.

Dinners included in the group arrangement will be served in the Keizerzaal of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. Dinner is included within the arrangement.

All above mentioned dinners welcome their guests from 18.00 hours.

Dinners can be reserved through the same platform as the entry tickets. In case you have already bought entry tickets, you can reserve dinner through this link. Your dinner ticket is only valid in combination with an entry ticket to The Wiener Ball. We cannot welcome you to our dinners without a valid entry ticket.

How can I reserve an overnight stay in the hotel?

After you have bought your ticket to the ball, you will receive a link to a special reservations page of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. The room prices are adjusted for visitors of the ball. You will receive a discount and the possibility to stay for one night.

I am interested in sponsoring The Wiener Ball.

The possibilities of sponsoring the ball can be found on our company webpage. For more information about the sponsoring opportunities, please contact Natascha Keesmaat (

Can I participate as a debutant?

Making your debut is for adolescents of 17 to 25 years old. Many debutants are nominated. It is possible to sign yourself or someone else up as a debutant. You can do so via this link. There is a yearly limit of 64 debutants for The Wiener Ball. If we have reached our limit of applicants, applicants will be placed on a waiting list or moved to next year.

Can I still receive the 50th Ball Anniversary Book?

Yes, this is possible. These are available at The Wiener Ball and can also be sent via the mail. The costs are €20,- per book, excluding any shipping costs. Inquiries about the book can be sent to

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