Wiener Ball tickets and prices



“Oud-debutanten” tickets up to 34 years

Combination ticket: “oud-debutanten” dinner, admission and box seat € 150
“Oud-debutanten” package: dinner & admission ticket € 120
Admission Wiener Ball “oud-debutanten” € 70

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Young Adult tickets up to 34 years

Combination ticket young adults:  dinner, admission and box seat € 160
Young adults package: dinner & admission ticket € 130
Admission Wiener Ball  young adults € 80

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Ball guests, 35 years and above

Combination ticket ball guest:  Aperitif, dinner with a suitable wine arrangement, admission, and box seat € 250
Dinner & admission Wiener Ball € 190
Admission with box seat (general placement) € 175
Admission Wiener Ball € 100

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For the box seating you can join one of the following boxes:


box – Austrian companies joining members from Advantage Austria
box – Consuls
box – Gilde
box – Johanniter order
box – Maltezer order
box – Government
box – “Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club” (Amsterdam)
box – “Koninklijke Roei en Zeilvereeniging de Maas” (Rotterdam)
box – New or literary “Sociëteit De Witte” (Den Haag)
box – Debutanten Parents
box – Wiener Ball Committee
box – WF Metzelaar
box – J Nikkels van der Veen
box – Fam. Lauren en George Kaars Sijpesteijn
box – General placement with others
box – “Oud-debutanten” up to 34 years
box – “Oud-debutanten” 35 to 40 years


Parents of Debutants

Ticket for parents/family members: dinner for parents, admission, and box seat € 225
              Per debutant a maximum of 4 people can order this ticket.

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