The Wiener Ball in the media

Wiener Ball 2025. The 56th edition. We aim to host at least 550 ball guests and our goal is also to attract more sponsors this year. This number of ball guests was chosen to keep the Wiener Ball in the Netherlands manageable in terms of atmosphere, preservation of (instilled) traditions and people who appreciate this atmosphere and these traditions.

The 55th edition was a great success with publications in “Trendwatchers”, Stan Huygens Journaal, the Telegraaf and more.

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All reports, interviews, and stories need to be approved by the Wiener Ball committee before being published.

The WIENER BALL in the media

Ambassy of Austria, news March 2, 2024

Adel in Nederland, February 7, 2024

Adel in Nederland, February 6, 2024

De Telegraaf, February 6, 2024

Ambassy of Austria, news January 28, 2024

De Telegraaf, January 10, 2024

De Telegraaf, December 30, 2023

De Telegraaf, September 28, 2023

Newsletter  April 18, 2023

  April 17, 2023  Newsletter


Quote, April 2023

Telegraaf, 1 februari 2023

Looking back on the 55th Wiener Ball

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published on: 10 March 2023
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