The Wiener Ball is a ball where interaction with one another is an integral part of the ball. It offers an excellent opportunity for business relations to meet one another and to make your acquittance with other ball guests. Every year the ball is visited by many prominent guests and multiple captains of the industry. It is a ball for both young and old.
The debutants will make their glorious debut with a choreography twice during the evening. The “Jungherren und Jungdamen” as they are called, practise with one another for half a year at various locations throughout the Netherlands. This will enable them to get to know one another better and to create a very close-knit group of friends. They perform the dance very elegantly.
It may also be interesting for you as a business to get into touch with this young talent. We offer you several options to draw attention to your business. However, if you would rather just place an advertisement or have another idea, please do not hesitate to let us know.

On Saturday February 3, 2024, the 55th edition of the Wiener Ball will take place, a lustrum edition.

Under the guidance of the foundation “Oostenrijkse Cultuur in Nederland”, the “Oud- Debutanten” Committee and the “Hulp- Debutanten” Committee, and many more supporting committees the ball has been given a new look over the past year. This while at the same time preserving the style, traditions, and norms and values. We have had countless positive reviews in response to it. The Ensemble Johann Strauss from Vienna will play the correct music so that everyone can waltz all night long!

As said before, the Wiener Ball provides the perfect opportunity to meet business relations and to make the acquaintance of businesses based in the Netherlands but with an Austrian origin.

We can provide you with new opportunities to draw attention to your company. For this we have three different business packages for you.

More details regarding the Business packages can be found via this link.


For more information regarding the opportunities for businesses to support the Wiener Ball, please contact the Wiener Ball Sponsorships by sending an email to

Wiener Ball Sponsorships
Liaison: Riet Nelisse

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