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At every traditional Ball in Vienna – back than and still now – young adults make their debut. They open the Ball with a festive entrance and opening dance. Both for the debutantes and the guests of the Wiener Ball the entrance and opening is an everlasting and stylish memory.

The debutantes prepare themselves via dance lessons offered by the organising committee. It’s not only preparing to open the Wiener Ball but also a social journey to meet other young people, share the excitement of opening the Wiener Ball and learn to dance the traditional Waltz and Polka

The “Jungdamen- and Jungherren committee” counts a maximum of 64 debutantes; 32 dance couples. Everyone can apply, even if you have never danced the waltz or polka in your life.

Make your debute?

To join your age should be somewhere between 18 and 26 years. The participation fee is EUR 200,00 (men) / EUR 225,00 (ladies) and includes

  • Five dance lessons (which benefits you for the rest of your life) by a professional dance master – four of them focus on the opening dance and the final lesson is by an Austrian dance master, who travels the world teaching young adults for the Wiener Balls and used to be one of the dancers of the famous “Wiener Philharmoniker” Orchestra
  • Formal welcome at the Residence of the Austrian ambassador to the Netherlands
  • Dinner with the debutantes and their parents after one of the dance lessons ( the dinner for the debutantes is offered by the organizing committee. Parents of the debutantes have the opportunity to subscribe for their own expense and join a separate dance lesson as well)
  • The “Jungdamen” are offered their tiara, gloves and bouquet, the “Jungherren” are offered their white gloves and corsage.
  • Entrance tickets to the Wiener Ball and after party
  • Official Wienerball picture of all the debutantes

En last – but not least

During the entire preparation stage you will be guided by experienced companions. They can help you to find the proper dress and jacquets, dancing shoes, hair dresser, etc. If you have to travel from far to the dance lessons in The Hague we will help you find places to stay.

At the dance lessons you will also meet former debutantes. They will help you as well and inform you about the little small details of the opening and the Wiener Ball itself. As soon as you debuted yourself, your part of the former debutantes network. One of the benefits of being part of the former debutantes network is a special discount when booking for your next Wiener Ball.

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