A summary of the program - 9 February 2019


20.15      Pické room opens

20.45      Take your seats for the ball opening

21.00      Opening ceremony with the first performance of the “Jungdamen- and Jungherren committee”

21.20      Welcome and official opening of the Ball

21.40      “ALLES WALZER” as the traditional call that welcomes all the guests of the Wiener ball at the dancefloor

23.30      Second performance of the “Jungdamen- and Jungherren committee”

24.00      “Mitternachtseinlage“

00.30      “Publikumquadrille“ under supervision of dance master Heinz Heidenreich

01.55      The ball ends with the traditional “Brüderlein Fein” song

02.00      Afterparty in disco Club Conversation




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